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100% Raw honey.

Produced and packaged exclusively by  Mani beekeeping  in  Mani. Area  Natura2000

Producer:  Nikos & Kanella Mavroidogona

G.E.M.I number: 115645339000  Producer number:  EL16287

The absence of chemical or  heat treatment makes honey  Θύω  rare and valuable food.

We gave our honey its name  Θύω *  because of the unique scent that stimulates the senses as soon as someone opens a lid from our jars!

The honey  Θύω  It is produced with respect for nature and our beloved bees, in a limited quantity in order to keep all its benefits and beneficial properties unchanged.   


Crystallization is a natural property of thyme honey. You can easily restore it to liquid form with  ben marie  at low temperature

The presence of traces of wax (Tiny pieces)  is normal in raw honey.

How do I distinguish natural honey? 


*Name  Thyme  comes from the ancient verb "θύω" which means, among other things, I sacrifice or I smell.

Thio Natural Mani honey Thyme 900gr

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